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When summer arrives, fortunately we can dedicate more time to what we consider leisure and/or we like more: we can do more sports activities, excursions, outdoor activities, etc. In this list of activities there is also, and it cannot be otherwise, reading . And it is that the summer of one of the seasons preferred by all to read.

Among the benefits offered by reading, those in which the  DISMES adapted didactic material can help the most stand out:

–  Increased vocabulary.  When reading we discover words that we did not know and we can easily figure out their meaning from the context in which they are found.

–  Increased ability to concentrate.  People who read tend to have a higher level of concentration and also more easily develop objectivity and decision-making.

–  Memory improvement.  Reading develops our memory in a similar way to sudoku or crossword puzzles.

Knowledge in a possible wide variety of subjects.  Reading is knowledge. It helps us to form a point of view, to know others and to respect those around us.

Reduced chances of having Alzheimer’s , as well as other degenerative diseases. Yes, reading encourages brain activity and strengthens neural connections , which helps prevent disease.

Relaxation and distraction. As we read, our brain switches to a relaxed state that allows us to clear our minds and may even help us fall asleep better.

Cognitive development . Reading is a key piece in the cognitive development of children . And the latter is one of the priority objectives of the DISMES books .

– And best of all: fun . And it is that you can have a really good time reading a book!

In addition,  not reading for a very long period can have negative effects on children’s learning, as Richard Allington has shown in a study for the University of Tennessee (USA). In this study, it was shown that those people who read during vacation periods can «gain a month of reading skills» , and conversely, if they stop reading books during vacations, part of their reading skills are lost, which that in students it would mean a setback of two or three months in reading ability.

For all this we recommend you spend some time every day reading during the summer and encourage children to enter the wonderful world of reading.

And we remind you that the  DISMES adapted teaching material is the material that children with SEN or learning difficulties need to keep track of their summer vacation 😀 

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